Below are frequently asked questions, you may find the answer for yourself

How much investment do I require to open a Caffe Cherry Beans?

It depends on location, types, size, and lease terms. Please speak with our franchise development team about your plan and investment.

Being a franchisee is risk free?

The reason why people choose franchise business is to minimise any possible risk through our training and support. However, unforeseen situation can be always happened. The best way to figure out your risk is having a conversation with us. We are here to help you to grow together.

Can I buy your franchise business listed in the market now?

Yes, you can. However, you must go through all our selection process and follow our franchise agreement.

Do I need to have a qualification to be a Caffe Cherry Beans franchisee?

No, you don’t need a specific qualification, we value your personality more, if you are keen to enter the café business and have passion in customer service, we are happy to help you to start your own business with us. In addition, if you have café or business background, it will help you to lead your business to success.

How can I start to inquire about Caffe Cherry Beans franchise?

Please contact us through the following link.


How soon can I operate as I have been accepted as a franchisee?

It depends on the opportunity, however, we will try our best to complete the job as soon as possible.

Is it possible to sell the business in the future?

Yes, the owner of the business is yours. However, potential buyers must go through our selection process and must follow our franchise agreement.

How much royalty do you charge?

Unlike other regular franchises we do not take huge royalties but instead charge a minimal franchise fee with support.

Is there a selection process to be a franchisee?

Yes, we will interview potential buyers about whether they can carry out our goals and vision. We love a person who is self-motivated and passionate about our coffee.

Would you please explain the relationship between Franchisee and Franchisor?

The relationship between a franchisor and franchisee is an ongoing, contractual business relationship governed by a Franchise Agreement.

Can I set up the Cherry Beans in a certain location I have already found?

We need to examine the location first whether it is suitable.

Who lease the premises?

Franchisee should lease the premises, however, Cherry Beans helps to organise all the leasing process.

Does Cherry Beans negotiate rent fee?

Yes, however, we will go through the following procedure.
1. Any major issue affected to the sales? Traffic change?
2. Profit & Loss statement (from you accountant)
3. Improvement plan(operational plan, remedial plan) for a certain period
4. Negotiation

Should I keep and need to know about the Franchise Agreement?

The franchise agreement must be kept in a safe place and the contents must be acknowledged by you.

Territorial protection is available?

Yes, it is described in FA.

To be a franchisee, should I have independent advice except Caffe Cherry Beans?

Under the franchising code of conduct, all franchisors must advise franchisee that they should have their own independent legal, business and accounting advice. Before the decision making process, we would like you to understand all the nature of our franchise agreement, legal, business and accounting procedures.

Any opportunities for multiple site?

Yes, once you become our successful franchisee and if you are willing to operate multiple sites, we are happy to discuss about your opportunities.

Operation guidance is available?

Our franchise support team will conduct a compulsary training with our operational manual.

Is there any marketing support from our HQ?

No, because the marketing fee is not charged based on FA.
However, we keep uploading our brand marketing on social media.

How much I can expect to earn?

Earning expectation depends on many factors such as location, leasing fee, labour cost and etc. However we are supporting you to minimise any risky factors through our ongoing training.

Caffe Cherry Beans supplies all the ingredients?

You must use our coffee beans and designated suppliers for milk, chocolate, syrup and etc to maintain our standard. For other ingredients, we provide a list of suppliers to maintain the good quality and standard of our menu.

Is finance support available?

As we are one of ANZ’s approved franchise groups since 2015, we can provide information about ANZ’s loan process for eligible customers only.(Conditions apply)

What kinds of Operational Support do we get from HQ?

We will provide ongoing training service and operational advice. Also we visit
your store regularly to check store’s hygiene, standard, coffee taste, food quality, customer service and etc.

Is training available?

Yes ,our training program covers most of café’s operation procedures.

Do I have to take all the compulsory training?

Yes, it will help you to understand our company’s policy and procedure, and operational view.